… and the cool design for febi Truck.

The New Atlantic is a communications agency based in Cologne, Germany.
Our mark is the uncompromising will to fathom the unknown.
While insatiable curiosity leads our ways, we meet the shallow with valor.
And being romanticists, we believe in the motivational power of emotion.
For it connects continents and the seas, brands and people.

OUR SERVICES follow a simple principle: we do what avails.
Be it a brochure or a website, an illustration, photo shoot or image movie, whether ingenious idea or strategical campaign.


Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Design, Brand/User Experience, Content Marketing, 3D (CGI) & Animations.


Magazines/Periodicals, Annual Reports, Editorial Office, Conception & Copy, Design Development, Illustration, Production.


Audits, Strategy, Architecture, Employer Branding.


Image Campaigns, Product Launches, Recruiting Campaigns.

OUR WORKS have been bringing together people and brands since 1985. Crossing media boundaries, internationally and nationally acclaimed.

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OUR CLIENTS are major concerns, hidden champions and SMEs. Retail and chemical industry as well as manufacturing and media industry. A range that couldn’t be wider.

They all have in common: complex structures and business processes which we promote with custom-made communications that go beyond short-lived advertising.
For the most part through stable, long-time client relationships and with longstanding success.