THE NEW ATLANTIC brings out what’s best in brands.

Thinking outside-the-box, clear strategic notions, convincing concepts, and design ideas that will make your pupils dilate.


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Projects with us are like taking a taxi: simply say where you are heading and leave the rest to us. We’ll find the best way to wherever you want to go.

CHIQUITA Campaign & Raffle

Design, Digital, Illustration, Print, Text


Branding, Copy, Design, Digital, Digital, Digital, Digital, Digital, Event, Illustration, Movie, Print, Text, Typesetting

CHIQUITA Back-to-school Campaign

Copy, Design, Digital, Digital, Illustration, Print, Text

Company Journal for OTTO FUCHS

Design, Illustration, Periodical, Print, Typesetting

ALLOHEIM Quality brochure & Microsite

Branding, Copy, Design, Digital, Illustration, Movie, Print, Text, UX/UI

Rebranding and Website Design for ADVERTEXT

Branding, Copy, Design, Digital, Print, Text, UX/UI
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Animation Wave Black

We fetch hidden champions from the shadows, we love to play with the global guys,
and we enthuse over showing just how awesome SMEs are.

THE NEW ATLANTIC loves to be there for you – with our digital savvy, first-rate design, creative concepts, and a smile 🙂