OTTO FUCHS AG – Company Magazine “Fuchsbau”

The “Fuchsbau” (“Foxhole”) is OTTO FUCHS KG’s company magazine. It addresses employees regularly with a melange of stories and knowledge all around the company. Contributing layout, typesetting, illustrations, image editing and consulting, TNA has again seen off the publication in 2021/22. And the result of the close cooperation with OTTO FUCHS’ project management has come out formidably: TNA staged the company magazine informatively, creatively, superbly crafted and in high-gloss.

OTTO FUCHS KG is well-known for its iconic Porsche wheel, the so-called “Fuchsfelge” (fox wheel). But the diversified company does not only offer solutions in the automotive sector. In addition, to the Aerospace unit, the company from the western German town of Meinerzhagen, manufactures pipes, profiles, plates of outstanding quality among other things.

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